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 Entries are invited for this meeting for Match, Target and F class Rifles

to be held at  BISLEY on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May 2018.


Match & Target Rifles

  1. THE ENGLISH EIGHT CLUB JEWELS.  Gold, Silver and Bronze Jewels will be awarded to the full members of the English Eight Club who make the three highest aggregate scores.  LORD COTTESLOE’S CUP will be awarded to the winner of the Gold Jewel.
  2. THE SCOTTISH EIGHT CUP will be awarded to the full member of the National Rifle Club of Scotland who makes the highest aggregate score.
  3. THE WELSH RIFLE ASSOCIATION CHALLENGE CUP will be awarded to the full member of the Welsh Rifle Association who makes the highest aggregate score.
  4. THE WELSH RIFLE ASSOCIATION AGGREGATE TROPHY will be awarded to the competitor who makes the highest aggregate score.
  5. THE H. G. COURTH MEMORIAL TROPHY (an English VIII Club trophy) will be awarded to the competitor making the highest score on Saturday.
  6. THE MARTIN SMITH CHALLENGE CUP (an English VIII Club trophy) will be awarded to the competitor making the highest score on Sunday.
  7. THE L. D. RANKEN MEMORIAL TROPHY (a National Rifle Club of Scotland trophy) will be awarded to the competitor making the highest aggregate score at 1200 yards.
  8. THE POWELL LADIES’ TROPHY will be awarded to the Lady who makes the highest aggregate score.
  9. THE O.C.R.A. TROPHY will be awarded to the competitor, aged under 25 years on the first day of the meeting, who makes the highest aggregate score.
  10. THE PILCHER PLATTER will be awarded at the Autumn Meeting to the person eligible to shoot for England in the Elcho with the highest aggregate total score in both the Spring & Autumn meetings.
  11. THE AUDITOR'S CUP will be awarded at the Autumn Meeting to the person eligible to shoot for England in the Elcho with the highest aggregate total score in all of the Hopton, Spring & Autumn meetings.

TR and F Class Rifles

  1. PRIZES will be awarded to the competitors using TR and F class rifles who make the highest aggregate scores subject to a minimum of 3 entries in each discipline.

All Competitors

  1. A CASH SWEEP based on the aggregate of sighters and last shots. First prize will go to the highest scorer, second to 10th place and third to the lowest scorer without a miss, entry upon payment as below.

A RECEPTION, will be held in the English VIII Clubhouse after shooting on Saturday. The cost is £5, which includes entry to the sighters & last shot cash sweepstake. All competitors (and their friends) who pay with their entry are invited to attend.

DINNER, at which all competitors and their friends are welcome, will follow at 7.00 for 7.30 p.m. in the North London Rifle Club.  Dress will be smart casual and the price will be £25.  Please could those wishing to attend indicate this on the entry form and the cost will automatically be added to the entry total.

Conditions of entry

  1. English Members and Honorary Members are required to pay their membership subscription of £35 prior to the Meeting.
  2. Competitors are required to be members of the NRA and hold a valid shooting certificate for the rifle being used. Both NRA membership card and shooting certificate must be shown to the Safety Officer before score cards can be drawn.
  3. Entries, including remittance, should be received by Thursday 25th April. Thereafter they can only be accepted if space is available subject to the late entry fee to reflect the charge for changes in target booking. Entries and payment will be acknowledged by email. Space is limited so early entry is advised.
  4. All trophies (except the English VIII Club Jewels) are held for one year. Previous winners are required to return them, appropriately engraved and polished, in time to be displayed at the reception on Saturday.


NRA Regulations for Rifles, ammunition, targets, scoring, the Conduct of Shooting and Range Safety will apply. Competitors are to supply their own ammunition.


1000, 1100 and 1200 yards on each day.


FIFTEEN and TWO convertible sighting shots at each range. At 1000 yards on each day, up to five preliminary shots (including the two convertible sighters) may be fired, but the first to hit the target will count as the first sighter.


On Saturday at 1000 yards there will be a 15 minute practice period before each detail.


At 1000 yards on Sunday there will be a period of one minute during which blow-off shots may be fired at the stop butt which may not be spotted.


Ties will be decided by one convertible sighting shot and five to count at 1200 yards, and then by single shots as necessary until the outcome is decided.






1000 yards  

08:30 Detail 1 (incl. practice)
09:40 Detail 2 (incl. practice)

08:30 Detail 1
09:20 Detail 2

1100 yards  

11:00 Detail 1
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Detail 2
10:20 Detail 1
11:10 Detail 2
12:10 Lunch

1200 yards  

14:30 Detail 1
15:20 Detail 2
16:10 Detail 3
13:30 Detail 1
14:20 Detail 2
15:10 Detail 3
  17:00 Reception 16:00 Prize giving


  1. Score Cards are to be collected from the clubhouse from 7:30am on Saturday on production of an NRA membership card, Shooting Certificate and Range Office receipts of zero cards for those using ammunition over 4500J (HME).
  2. Squadding for Saturday will be in the previous year’s score order with the highest in the second details unless the entry is accompanied by a request to the contrary using the Contact Page on this website. Squadding for Sunday will be in Saturday’s score order to 1100 with the highest in the second detail.
  3. Competitors will shoot in threes at 1000 & 1100 yards and in pairs at 1200 yards.
  4. The club reserves the right to alter the programme should external problems make it necessary.
  5. The results of all meetings are shown on this website on the Meeting Results tab in the menu above.


Cancellations before 25th April will be fully refunded - please contact the Secretary directly or use the Contact page in the menu above. Dinner & reception charges will be refunded if 48 hour prior notification is given by email. 50% of the shooting entry fee will be refunded if 7 days prior notice is given by email.


SEE BIBLE RULES 252–265 & 277-8

  1. You may not venture or place any kit whatsoever on the firing point, dry fire, load or fire a rifle without the CRO’s specific order.
  2. When loading (that is, closing the bolt on a round), the rifle must be horizontal and must engage the target allocated to the firer.
  3. If the rifle is loaded on the ground and then raised to the shoulder, the rifle must not deviate beyond the limits of the assigned butt (rule 258)
  4. In the event of a rifle going “click!” rather than “bang!” (misfire or hangfire), remain in the aim and summon the RCO. You must stay in the aim for at least 30 seconds and ensure that the RCO – and no-one else – deals with the matter. Do not deal with it yourself. In the event of a round not firing and remaining in the chamber, the situation must be treated as above and, if the round will not extract, then Bible Rule 265 will apply.
  5. At the end of a shoot it is the firer’s responsibility to ensure that her/his rifle chamber is empty and audibly confirmed to be clear by the scorekeeper, the CRO or, in her/his absence, his deputy.
  6. When having a rifle cleared, the bolt of a bolt-action rifle MUST be removed (Rule 263).  There can be no exceptions to this rule without the PRIOR agreement of the RCO.
  7. Hearing protection must always be worn on or near the firing point. 
  8. Competitors are reminded that it is unwise to mix alcohol and shooting.

May we thank you for your co-operation in ensuring a safe and enjoyable shoot.

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